Clear Narrator. Spooky Storyteller.

Jeremy Enfinger, Voice Actor


Known best for his narration and voice acting skills in the horror stories found within The Storage Papers, Jeremy also has over 20 years of experience in both the medical field and classroom instruction within it.  His voice has been described as, “soothing”, “calming”, and “unexpectedly sinister” depending on the character being read.  A list of previous voice work can be seen below, along with samples, but there are new upcoming projects on the horizon, so check back frequently for additions to this list:

Voice and Narration Work


Meal Prepping Well Balanced Meals…

The Storage Papers

Woe.Begone 96: Do You Want To Be Powerful?

Among The Stacks: Prelude 

Woe.Begone 84: Panther  

Phonic Fiction Fest: Derailed

Nine to Midnigh

Nine II Midnight: The Horrors of our Dreams 

The Witching Hour (Halloween Special 2021)

Ethusigasm 9: Yarr!

Deviatus Podcast  

Happy Hour Gets Weird: Spooky Series 

Into the Fray 59: Deviatus 

Paranormal Podcasts We Listen To 11 

Paranormal Podcasts We Listen To 1  

Unpopular Culture 43

Unpopular Culture 212 

Unpopular Culture 220 

Unpopular Culture 230 

Journey Through The Gate 6 

5 Minute Radiography 







Radio Announcer





Self/Podcast Host










Self?Podcast Host

Sample Work


From a holiday bonus episode of The Storage Papers, written and produced by Jeremy Enfinger and Nathan Lunsford. Narrator and characters, “Thomas” and magical being “Cain” are all portrayed by Jeremy.

Halloween bonus episode of The Storage Papers, written and produced by Jeremy Enfinger. Jeremy portrays “Lucius”, an elderly family patriarch who knows something the audience has yet to be let in on.

What could be broadcasting on a mysterious radio station in the dead of night?  Jeremy plays the radio host, Balam.

Variety of commercial reads: Examples from Coors Foundation for Family Literacy, Goldspotters (Music Podcast Intro), Sales Trading Product, and a sample reading as “Joker” from The Dark Knight.

Food Commercial Reads: Examples from Arby’s New Ultimate Angus Philly, Jack Daniel’s Smooth Sippin’ Tennessee Whiskey, Butterball, Chili’s Nacho Big Mouth Burger, and Ghiradelli Chocolate.

Variety of Commercial Reads: Mindfulness app, Planet Earth Documentary, Pharma Me’s “Better Me Capsule”, Photodermatitis Medical Information, and The Clinic Care’s online appointment booking.

Home Studio


Jeremy uses a Shure MV7X microphone with a Fethead pre-amp, a Behringer 1204 USB Audio Interface, and records into Adobe Audition and/or Reaper DAWs. Other microphone available is an Audio Technica ATR2100 if preferred.